Philco B537.  mottled black and brown. 1937
Philips 834a.  1933
Philips 830a.  1932
Philco A527.brown  1937
horn speaker.No maker's name.
Philips 636A.  1933
Philips type 2515.and Philips 2115speaker 1928.
nice print of the
Dog and
Dog and phonograph. A copy of the original picture.
Sterling 'Baby. by Sterling telephone
and Electric Co. black enamel with
sprayed leaf decoration in antique
Plus shop sign in moulded plastic.
Murphy DC/AC.type SAD 94L
pphone......hhome !

What bird is depicted here?
S.G.Brown's 'Q'type loudspeaker.  1925
a few needletins and stuff i've picked up
over the years.
scroll left or right, up or down,to see more.
I bought this speaker in good faith,many years
ago-when I had just started collecting.
but it soon became obvious that this is just a
seven sided,Philips 2115,cut down to look like
some hitherto unknown model.
Unless you know better!!

Question 6.
What was Thomas Edison's
middle name.
Question 7.
what was the largest
record ever made,
and by whom.(who)?